As a veteran of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo seems to be considered as a irreplaceable player in the Cowboys. And now maybe the appropriate quarterback position behind Tony Romo becomes one of the most troublesome questions for the Cowboys. And it’ time for the Cowboys’ draft.
The Dallas Cowboys own the fourth overall draft pick, additionally, the Cowboys haven’t drafted a quarterback since Stephen McGee in the fourth round of 2009. Moreover, Tony Romo would be fine with the franchise selecting a quarterback. For Romo himself, he also believes that he will play at an elite level again and owner and general manger Jerry Jones believes Romo has four or five years remaining at a top level. Nike Tony Romo Jersey. Though Romo was believed to have several good years remaining by Jerry Jones, Jones also could look at a QB with the fourth overall pick. Jones acknowledged the team will look hard at a quarterback early in the draft. And the two man spoke the night before the Dec.27 game at Buffalo about the possibility of adding a highly rated quarterback.

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There’s a rumor about this draft about the feeling of Tony Romo-whether Tony Romo is in danger of being replaced. “We're going to evaluate everybody and the organization is going to look at who to take and they're going to take the best player,” said Romo, according to ESPN. “If the best player there is a quarterback, then that's what our team needs. Our team needs good players. Dez Bryant Cowboys Jersey. That's what we need. And if it's the best player at a different position … I'm just obviously a player on the football team and I don't have to make those decisions, and I'm glad. My job is go out and get better and make sure this team wins next year. And I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that.” In Romo's absence -- due to a broken collarbone (twice)-this season, Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore combined for a 1-11 record.
Though Jerry Jones has remarked that Moore is a viable No. 2 option, it might be wise for the Cowboys to look for Romo's backup and eventual successor in the 2016 NFL Draft. Of course, the Dallas Cowboys have not drafted a quarterback since 2009 when they selected Stephen McGee in the fourth round. Only four other quarterbacks have been drafted in the Jerry Jones era: Troy Aikman, Steve Walsh, Bill Musgrave and Quincy Carter. "I would have figured out a way obviously to get back out there," he said. "That's what we play the game for, playing those games. It's disappointing that we're not in that part of it right now. Believe me we're going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen again."